"Inspiration does indeed exist, but it has to find you working"
(Pablo Picasso)


From a general standpoint, architects cannot stand outside the context surrounding them: their social, environmental, cultural, artistic, economic, technological milieu, etc... That is why the path to find the patterns for defining the new 21st century modernity involves a thorough critical vision of these and of the concept of modernity itself.

In 2004 at the start of our doings as an "Architecture Workshop", some very wide-ranging objectives were established for this exciting new project. At the outset the intention was to foster field work, or rather an "experimentation laboratory" where there was not just a single line of work for solving architectural problems, but where it was possible to use instruments for developing projects in order to look into the functional, formal, environmental, sustainability results etc., and make each project entail new and better challenges. By means of a critical and ongoing retrospective look the results and maturing process of the works done and then re-examined over time from different standpoints enable us to reach commendable solutions satisfactory for the CUSTOMER-ARCHITECT binomial.

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